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Bouffants, Caps and Hoods


Round Bouffant Caps

Our round bouffant caps are made from strong, lightweight, polypropylene fabric that protects wearers in dry, non-hazardous environments against dirt and germs.

  • Breathable polypropylene fabric

  • Latex free, comfortable elastic head band for a secure and comfortable fit

  • Ideal for applications in food processing and manufacturing facilities, schools, hospitals, factories and cleaning facilities.

  • Sizes: 21”, 24″, and 28″ stretched diameter

  • Color: Blue, White

  • Packaging: 100 pcs/bag, 10 bags/case


Product Codes:

COV-2010B-21 (Blue 21")

COV-2010W-21 (White 21")

COV-2010MB-24 (Blue 24")

COV-2010W-24 (White 24")

COV-2010B-28 (Blue 28")

Surgical Cap

Polypropylene Surgical Cap

These surgical caps are constructed with lightweight, breathable, cool, polypropylene.

  • Lint-free

  • Fiberglass-free

  • Adjustable ties at back for secure and comfortable fit

  • Size: Universal Size

  • Color: Blue

  • Packaging: 100 pcs/bag, 5 bags/case


Product Code: COV-2018B

Paper Surgical Cap

Kaycel Scrim Reinforced Paper Surgical Cap

These reliable surgical caps are constructed with Kaycel scrim reinforced material around the sides and a lightweight polypropylene top, ensuring durability without sacrificing comfort. Ties adjust at the back for a secure and comfortable fit.

  • Breathable

  • Absorbant

  • Strong

  • Size: Universal Size

  • Color: Blue

  • Packaging: 100 pcs/box, 5 boxes/case

Product Code: COV-2020B

2020B-Kaycel-Paper-Surgical-Caps -crop.jpg
Surgical Hoods

Surgical Hoods

Non-Woven SMS Surgical Hood
Entire surgical hood made with fluid resistant SMS fabrics provide splash protection for entire head and neck and also prevent loose hair from falling into work environment.
* Latex free, non sterile, fire retardant 
* Manufactured in controlled environment 
• Color: Blue 
• Size: Universal 
• Packaging: 100 pcs/pkg, 500 pcs/case 


Product Code: COV-2050SMS-B 

Non woven SMS surgical Hood from PDF.jpg

Non-Woven SMS Surgical Hoods

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