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Safety Syringes

Sterile Reli® Wealy® Safety Syringe

The Reli® Wealy® safety syringe meets requirements for a safety engineered sharp as set by the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 1910.1030[b]. Passive retraction of the contaminated needle and containment within the syringe plunger minimize chance of injury and reduce the disposal footprint.

Safety mechanism 

  • Passive, in patient

  • Retracting Needle

  • Needle retracted to disable use

  • Audible Click

  • Visual Color Signal

Technique Change to Standard Syringe

  • None.  When plunger fully depressed, needle automatically retracts into syringe barrel.


  • Decreased footprint in sharps bin compared to standard syringe

Safety Syringes.png



Ndl, 5ML, 20G x 1″

Ndl, 5ML, 20G x 1.5″

Ndl, 5ML, 21G x 1″

Ndl, 5ML, 21G x 1.5″

Ndl, 5ML, 22G x 1″

Ndl, 5ML, 22G x 1.5″

Ndl, 5ML, 25G x 1.5″

Ndl, 5ML, 27G x 1.5″


Ndl, 3ML, 21G x 1.5″

Ndl, 3ML, 22G x 1″

Ndl, 3ML, 22G 1.5″

Ndl, 3ML, 23G x 1″

Ndl, 3ML, 23G x 1.5″

Ndl, 3ML, 25G x 1″

Ndl, 3ML, 25G x 1.5″

Ndl, 3ML, 25G x 5/8″

Ndl, 3ML, 27G x 0.5″

Ndl, 3ML, 20G x 1″

Ndl, 3ML, 20G x 1.5″

Ndl, 3ML, 21G x 1″


Ndl, 1ML, 25G x 5/8″

Ndl, 1ML, 27G x 0.5″


Ndl, 10ML, 21G x 1.5″

Ndl, 10ML, 22G x 1″

Ndl, 10ML, 22G x 1.5″

Ndl, 10ML, 25G x 1.5″

Ndl, 10ML, 20G x 1.5″

Ndl, 10ML, 20G x 1″

Ndl, 10ML, 21G x 1″

Ndl, 10ML, 20G x 1.5″

Ndl, 10ML, 20G x 1″

Ndl, 10ML, 21G x 1″

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